Inauxa comercial, s.a.
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INAUXA Comercial S.A, has a vertical platform lift for people with reduced mobility (Homelift), in accordance with Directive 2006/42/EC and Machine  prEN 81-41.

 INAUXA Homelift is designed with a rucksack frame type with suspension 2:1.

The electricity used maneuver is designed to Homelift, and all are tested 100% and pre-assembled.

The finishing of the cabin include: Skinplate, Formica and stainless steel.

The Homelift is delivered correctly packed, identified and all assembly instructions and manuals necessary for their proper installation.

Homelift specifications:

  •  Load: 300 kg
  •  Speed: 0.15 m/s
  •  Stops: Unlimited
  • Travel: maximum 14mts                                                                              Catalog Homelift DKSA 
  • Boarding: single / double 90 º / 180 º double
  • Single phase 240V
Cabin - Inauxa        Inauxa metal structure   
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